Quality control is a phenomenon that has come to plays big role in the cleaning industry today. Cleaning companies and customers alike are now more than ever, well informed of how important it is to maintain a healthy working environment and the structural well-being of the facility. The need for a clean environment for indoor and outdoor is continuously being emphasized by the need to improve cleaning methods and services.

Each site get regularly inspected by :

  • Cleaning staff who perform the work
  • Area Supervisors during off hours
  • Senior and Executive Management via unscheduled inspections and client visits

Corrective And Preventative Program

While inspections are one tool for measuring performance, our Corrective and Preventative Action Program is designed to drive our commitment to continuous improvement.

Ongoing Quality Control Elements

Our quality control process follows the site-specific scope of work and the data generated by both our customers and our inspections. This data is then analyzed to track performance. This ongoing process keeps track of how we perform and whether we meet our scope of work on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

The key elements fulfilled by Quality Control Management include:

  • Review the scope of work
  • Conduct inspections and evaluate client feedback
  • Collect data
  • Create reports and analysis
  • Review all reports and analysis and make necessary adjustments

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