Through workplace inspections existing and potential hazards can be identified, and implemented hazard control methods can be monitored. Workplace inspections can play a key role in ensuring the workplace complies with Regulatory Health and Safety requirements.

The assessment process that arises out of workplace inspections has a number of aims. These include :

  • to identify any hazards in the workplace and determine their underlying causes
  • to assess the extent of risk of any hazards identified
  • to consider and recommend preventative and corrective actions
  • to develop an audit trail by which OH&S management activities can be verified.
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and regulations apply to all businesses


Effective workplace inspection programs are one of the most important preventive measures that can be taken to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.


Glitz Cleaning recognizes the rights of all employees to be treated fairly and with respect and to work in an environment that complies with all Australian anti-discrimination and harassment laws.

Managers and supervisors have a duty to ensure that proper standards of conduct are maintained at all times and to investigate complaints of discrimination and harassment and take prompt and effective remedial action. Proven complaints will result in disciplinary actions being taken.

It is a mutual objective of both management and employees to eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


Glitz Cleaning has a genuine commitment to protecting the environment and strives to eliminate the environmental impacts of its activities.

The company goal is to provide maximum practicable protection to the environment by meeting and at all times exceeding legal and regulatory requirements.

Management of the environment is planned for each site and addresses client and authority requirements. Addressing specific methods to minimize the environmental impact of cleaning activities both in and around the site. At all times waste is minimized.

All chemicals used are environmentally friendly and material safety data sheets are kept on the premises at all times and referred to regularly or when required.

The company regards its environmental responsibilities as a vital and integral part of its operations and is committed to maintaining the highest practicable standards.

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