Regular Cleaner for your Corporate or Business cleaning

We can work for your establishment as per your requirements; you can hire a cleaner for everyday cleaning or in your required hour cleaning. It completely up to your needs if your place is so busy, then we would recommend to hire a cleaner for few hours every day, if you have average people coming into your business then you can book our services once or twice a week. You can choose weekly monthly or quarterly services, and you can cancel anytime if you don’t need.

Cleaning Services

We offer range of sub-services that cater to the specific rooms and surfaces found in a commercial building. For example, we clean all staff offices, as well as common rooms such as hallways, sitting rooms, meeting rooms, Interview room or cabin, staff lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and eating areas. Glitz cleaning services will keep your business areas cleaned and limit the buildup of dirt, and stop the spread of germs.


We provide commercial cleaning services to your specific needs; because every business or workplace is differ from one another, so we have specific equipments for every industry to get the custom cleaning done as per businesses needs. We provide all equipments and sanitizers to clean your site completely.


We are best in cleaning floors for large corporate business, and all other commercial places where traffic of people travel in very high volume. Contact us we will provide best solution to your needs.

Carpet and Office Cleaning

Our staff will clean your carpet ever day after hour service, and also clean bathroom and toilets. We trained our staff to perform on multitasks, so you don’t have to worry about any thing while Glitz Cleaning in your Business.

You need regular cleaner, we will give you a best price. Contact us