The cleanliness of a factory can directly impact production and the standards of your products/services. We provide a comprehensive cleaning service to ensure that your equipments, machines, workplace and all other workplace areas are kept clean.

Warehouses & Distribution center cleaning services

We have been serving warehousing industry more than 15 years and continuously working for them Australia wide. Providing a high quality clean and safe warehouse environment is an essential component in these days for effective distribution centre. It also has a major role to play for employee’s health and well-being, which directly influences productivity through the prevention of absence from work from accidents and illness. We will tailor our services to your individual requirements, frequency and circumstance. We are able to work at low traffic times and can integrate into your shift patterns in a way that minimizes disruption to your operations.

  • Machine cleaning and sanitizing
  • Equipment cleaning
  • High-level cleaning
  • Cleaning office equipment and work station surfaces
  • Cable trays
  • Lighting
  • Staff areas
  • Public areas
  • Window cleaning
  • Hard Floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning (vacuum, dry method, extraction, steam cleaning)
  • Product Spill cleaning
  • Empty & sanitize rubbish and recycling bins
  • Complete Floor cleaning, mopping, drying, sweeping refinishing and polishing.

If your company or workplace needs specific cleaning please give us a call for custom cleaning. We would love to give you best quote for your factory specific cleaning.

  • Large area cleans
  • High level cleans
  • Deep cleans
  • Frequent cleans
  • Cleaning bathroom, sinks, toilets, urinals
  • Empty and sanitize rubbish and recycling bins
  • Restocking washroom consumables
  • Cleaning office equipment and work stations
  • Degreasing floors
  • Floor cleaning, mopping, drying, sweeping refinishing and polishing
  • Carpet cleaning (vacuum, dry method, extraction, steam clean)
  • Cleaning cafeterias, staff rooms and kitchens
  • Cleaning air-conditioner vents
  • Cleaning heater
  • Spot cleaning


Industrial cleaning services require more stringent cleaning materials and cleaning methods in order to remove tough dirt and grease typically associated with industrial manufacturing processes.

The machinery and materials used in an industrial facility are also usually far larger and more robust than equipment found in a normal commercial environment. For this reason, industrial cleaning services need to use tougher detergents and cleaning tools in order to keep them clean and limit the spread of germs.

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