House cleaning services

We provide regular house cleaning, we can clean your house as per your requirements. Book us on special event or party, you can book us before and after party, and you can book our cleaner the hours you need. We can help you clean your house before the party, and make your house look nice and clean.

Regular Cleaning Services

We can discuss your cleaning needs and provide you best solution for your ongoing hourly basis cleaning. You can book us for an hour everyday cleaning, once a week few hours cleaning, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, yearly as per your needs. You will have one janitorial or couple to clean your house regularly.

We do not lock clients/customers under contract

We don’t bind our customer to pay once they have booked our services if they haven’t got anything to clean, you can cancel the services anytime, and you don’t have to pay anything, No cancellation fee. However, you have to notify us when you want to cancel.

Kitchen Cleaning

We will clean sinks, taps, spot or dirty walls in the kitchen, Oven cleaning, kitchen floor cleaning, range-hood, exhaust fan, cabinets, cupboards, stove top and splash back included. We’ll clean whole kitchen and all appliance cleaned.

Lounge Room Cleaning

Cleaners will clean the lights, walls, floors, windows, heater, air conditioner, vents, Carpet steam cleaning, couch steam cleaning, and more equipment that decorates your house. you are lounge-room will be sparkling after cleaning.

Living Room Cleaning

Living rooms cleaning will be vacuuming the floors, wipe dust and remove away, interior window cleaning, empty bins, change the linen, ironing and laundry. Our staff will refresh your room by cleaning your room completely.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom shower room walls cleaning, take the dirty spots of and make it very shine. All these also will be cleaned in the bathroom Sinks, taps, window, vent, shower tub, and bathroom floor cleaning. You’re bathroom will be shining after cleaning.

Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, spill cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, protect carpet for long-time clean the spills and shine it 100%. Please talk to our supervisor regarding your carpet how you can keep your carpet cleaned and for long-time.

Walls & Windows Cleaning

We’ll clean your walls, Spot cleaning, dirty wall cleaning, old spots cleaning, all type of walls included. Window cleaning of your house, interior and exterior windows cleaning. Regular window cleaning and keep your house neat & clean, ongoing cleaning makes difference.

You need regular cleaner, we will give you a best price. Contact us